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Hi, Silva here!

I am Royal Horticultural Society trained in garden design, planning and maintenance, and have a passion for plants and great customer service. I hope to combine the two to give you the best experience of working with a garden designer. I’ve designed and planted numerous gardens, and studied how the concepts of heritage and landscape work together.

Getting the most out of a small space is my aim. New build houses often have small gardens and it can be tempting to keep that square of lawn and just add a narrow border with some bedding plants. But you can do so much more with tiny spaces. Let me show you….


If you are considering commissioning a design for your garden but are concerned about covid-19, here are the measures I can put in place to reassure you:

  • The consultation can be carried out by phone or online, with the questionnaire emailed to you to complete and return
  • If I can access your garden without entering your home, I can come and survey the site myself (I will wear a face covering while I am on site). If there is no access without entering your home, I will need you to send me some photos or a short video of the garden and then I will ask you to take some specific measurements for me based on what I can see.
  • If I am due to survey the garden myself and I develop any symptoms of covid-19, I will reschedule our appointment. If you or your family or immediate contacts develop covid-19 symptoms it is essential that you let me know immediately and I will reschedule our appointment.
  • Alternatively, my Design By Post service is available.

The design starts with you: understanding what you need, so I can offer you options that make sense.

You might think that your garden is too small for a designer to work on, but I love a challenge!

The 1-hour consultation is an integral part of the design service and allows me to get a feel for your lifestyle and how hard your garden needs to work for you.

If you’d like to book a consultation, or have a quick chat about which option might be best for your garden, please use the contact form below.

I can travel in the Cheltenham/Oxford/south Worcester areas. If you live outside of the Cotswolds, perhaps consider the Designs by Post service.

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