Garden Notes

January 2020

Whether you’ve had snow, gales or torrential rain over the past few weeks, winter is usually a time to enjoy your garden from behind glass. If the ground is waterlogged, try not to walk on it if at all possible. Instead, have a clear out of your shed or greenhouse ready for the next round of planting. If you have any plastic plant pots you no longer need, your local Dobbies garden centre will recycle them for you.

If you are thinking of turning your compost heap this month, remember that hedgehogs often use them to hibernate in. Don’t go stabbing at the vegetation with your fork – use garden gloves and gently lift off the top layers before using a small spade for what’s underneath. Hedgehogs rarely hibernate for the whole winter; if the days warm up slightly you might see one in the daylight. This is never a good thing in winter! Give your local Hedgehog rescue a call and see if they can collect the animal. Don’t try to look after a hedgehog yourself as they often have internal parasites and need special food to bring them back to a good enough weight to release again.

And dont forget, you can take part in some citizen science this month by joining in with the Big Garden Birdwatch between 25-27 January.
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