February 2020

The month that many people dislike the most, is one I personally love – not least because it contains my birthday! It’s the time of Snowdrops (Galanthus) which will happily naturalise across a lawn or through a border and provide a carpet of white regardless of whether it has actually snowed or not. Plant the bulbs in autumn, or transfer the plants ‘in the green’ now – DO NOT dig up wild plants! Many garden centres will be selling snowdrops in the green loose in bags or just in pots now. Grow alongside ground-cover plants such as Ivy (Hedera helix) or Bugle (Aguga reptans), and for a longer display add some Hyacynths and Tulips.

This year it has been much too wet to get on to the lawn, but if it were drier then February is a good time to deal with worm casts. These are the little piles of soil that appear on the surface of the lawn, and look like coils of icing. Use a soft brush or besom and scatter the casts so that they don’t become lumps in your lawn or bare patches that catch on the mower later in the spring.

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