June 2020

People call it ‘flaming June’ here in the UK, maybe because its hot (though more often than not it rains as well), or maybe for the abundance of red, orange, and yellow flowers that come into their own at this time of year. We certainly had a hot May with more hours of sunshine than any other May on record. A sign of things to come perhaps, and if you’ve had dry weather too, you might have noticed that some plants cope much better with dry conditions than others.

Of course part of the secret is the soil. If the plants are in good soil, their roots are free to seek out any moisture trapped far below the surface. But also the type and colour of a plant’s leaves are a hint as to how they handle the heat. Plants with silver leaves do well (if you can stand the scent, then Helichrysum italicum the curry plant loves the heat), as do those with thin narrow leaves like lavender and rosemary.

If you’ve spent the past few weeks thinking you need to do something with your garden, but dont know where to start, we offer a postal design service to anywhere in the world. This covers gardens from a single flower border to around half an acre. Use our contact form to get in touch – and enjoy your garden!

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